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Watch Adult Books’ Video “Suburban Girlfriend” Pools, playgrounds and lemonade stands in the suburbs

Adult Books, the LA-based post-punk bubblegum outfit from Orange County, released a new video today for “Suburban Girlfriend,” the lead single off their forthcoming album Running from the Blows. Directed by Thomas Kanschat and shot by Brooks Burgoon, the video’s tone matched with the infectious melody and lyrics of the song really make me want to get lost in the suburbs, and maybe fall in love with a girl in pigtails selling lemonade. –Maya Eslami

“I drive for hours, I get so lost, the streets all look the same. I buy her flowers, I draw a heart around her name. I want a suburban girlfriend, I want to meet her friends. I want a suburban girlfriend, cable TV in her bed.”

Running from the Blows comes out March 4th on Lolipop and Burger records. You can catch Adult Books live at their Monday residency in February at the Echo in LA.

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