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Watch the Volcom Pipe Pro Right Now A surf contest we honestly and highly recommend

We’ve become somewhat notorious for being against most formal surf competitions, but we usually like to give credit where credit is due: and the Volcom Pipe Pro kinda rules. It’s not run by the traditional WSL crew so it actually feels like a surf contest as opposed to a PGA Golf Invitational. It usually has a nice collections of wild cards, madmen locals and A-list celebrity surf dudes all mixed in. The commentary generally comes from a batch of dudes who are fun — hopefully they get Dave Wassail mic’d up most of the day. Also, perhaps most importantly: it’s held in January, and almost ALWAYS scores really good waves. Today looks like no exception either. El Niño and all that.

So yes, we’re logged in. And we recommend that you are too. See below for some past proof of years gone real good at the Volcom Pipe Pro and watch the Volcom Pipe Pro here. 

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