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Watch Ty Segall’s Video “Emotional Mugger” A reimagined, twisted 14 minutes of pure insanity

Editor’s note: Our music editor Maya loves gore. And horror. And Ty Segall and all the incarnations that are Ty Segall. But me, I’m terrified of gore. And horror. And while I can appreciate this video’s artistic integrity (because it’s really good), I’d be remiss not to give you a heads up: If you’re a pussy like me, you’ve been warned. All you other psychos, enjoy. —Travis 

Well, he’s done it again. Ty Segall premiered his new long-form video for “Emotional Mugger” today on Indiewire, and it is beyond anything I’ve seen before. Directed by longtime collaborator Matt Yoka, the video — nearly fifteen minutes long — is a reinterpretation of Segall’s Emotional Mugger album, splicing bits and pieces of each song into one cohesive story. And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s plenty of blood and gore and weirdness to make the video seem like a movie you’d find in the cult section of your favorite freak rental store. If those still exist. –Maya Eslami

From Indiewire:

“The ‘Mugger’ video is a reflection on Los Angeles (and in general, urban plight and anxiety). Ty and I are big fans of practical/in-camera gore and effects, so this was an opportunity to experiment with those traditions. It’s just important for me to use those effects as commentary (in the vein of Terry Gilliam and David Cronenberg),” Yoka said in a statement. “One thing I think is cool about the video, is that Ty and (the album’s producer) F. Bermudez remixed the album specifically for the video… unlike most music videos, when you watch ‘Emotional Mugger’ you are getting to hear different versions/interpretations of the music — so watching this video is not really about hearing music from the album as it’s getting another experience from the ‘Emotional Mugger’ dimension.”

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