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Listen to Dinosaurs The first band in a long time to warrant Weezer and early Offspring comparisons

what youth recommends dinosaurs
Photo: Julie Juarez

San Francisco was once the music epicenter of our generation. White Fence, Ty Segall, King Tuff, Thee Oh Sees, and so many other bands thrived in the marine layered hills of Northern California. Since then, good bands coming up in the city are few and extremely far between. Enter Dinosaurs, a band of brothers and a buddy, who’ve been sledging out some pretty sustainable rock since last year. They just released their second album, Human Condition, on Astro Lizard Records out of Long Beach, and they’re ready to shake shit up.

Human Condition reminds me of early 2000 rock, reminiscent of the good days of Weezer and even the fuck you attitude of Offspring — yes I listened to Offspring. Considering most bands these days are straining to either sound “psych” or “shoegaze” or a combination of all the cool guy genres, Dinosaurs are sticking to the more traditional, KROQ-esque rock, and I’m kind of into it. Their first album, Release the Raptors, is much more punk, faster in tempo and ferocity and general chaotic enthusiasm.

“We’re still finding ourselves as a band,” said drummer Gil Craddock, the band’s drummer, to SF Weekly. “We’re not repeating ourselves, but instead evolving.” I could say some cheesy line about evolving and dinosaurs, but I’ll just leave you with the music. –Maya Eslami

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