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Watch: Brixton Broadcast Melbourne A lot of really good bands in one dirty old Australian rock ‘n’ roll club

what youth recommends brixton broadcast
Photos: Jason Lee

The Tote Hotel in Melbourne Australia is a musical institution. Grooming local bands from , while simultaneously hosting the biggest acts to come through town. It’s about as legit as venues get. See the toilets for proof.

We jumped onto this leg of The Brixton Broadcast, which is a global world party tour put on by Brixton that essentially comes to town and gives local acts both big and small a chance to share the stage for one ridiculously rowdy night. We drank beer, sweat, and head banged our way through over 8 sets of incredibly reckless live music. Headlined by local babes Beaches, as well as UV Race, the night ended on a serious high note and spilled into he Melbourne night. Probably for veggie pizza and curry. So much curry down there.

In episode 1, we tour Melbourne for “one cold beer” with Chippa Wilson and Thom Pringle and meet some of the bands performing that night, while getting acquainted with the local characters.

Watch Episode 1 here: 

Brixton Broadcast Melbourne | Part One from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

The 2nd episode is a rock ’n’ roll showcase of great music that you must discover. Swim Team. Orb. The Living Eyes. Ausmuteants. The UV Race and Beaches headlined the night, and gave everyone a lot of reasons to dance and sweat out the free beer. Pretend you’re there below, and don’t miss it when Brixton comes to town.

Watch episode 2 here: 

Brixton Broadcast Melbourne | Part Two from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

And if you need more reason not to miss the next one of these, check the photos below, shot by Jason Lee:

Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02509 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02520

Swim Team



Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02596 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02612

The Living Eyes

Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02619 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02635



The UV Race

Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02676 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02679 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02680 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02701 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02720 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02721 Tote-Melbourne-2016-DSC02725



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