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Listen to Clean Spill New music from surfers (including Tom Curren’s son Pat) channeling the Strokes, and yes it’s good

what youth recommends clean spill
Photo: Jess Eswald

Ignore the fact that Pat Curren, lead singer of new band Clean Spill out of Santa Barbara, is the son of three-time world champion surfer Tom Curren. Because that doesn’t really matter when it comes to musical chops, let’s be real. What does matter is that Curren, along with Geoff Shae, Cameron Crabtree and Charlie Fawcett, are creating some tasty indie-inspired surf rock that’s definitely tingling my musical spidey senses, in a good way. Check ’em out. 

Clean Spill has a pretty clear Strokes vibe and a more subtle hint of early Growlers, especially in the vocals. These dudes debuted last year with their EP XO and are currently dialing in a new album, set to drop in 2017. And with a new song premiere just this week for the track “Sid”, presumably a single from that forthcoming LP, I’m gonna go ahead and bet that Clean Spill makes some waves in our California music bubble I love so much. –Maya Eslami

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