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The most underrated accessory Slowtide released a new line of towels we love

Think about how often you’re using the damn thing. Drying off, quick changing, hiding your keys, or wiping sand from your frozen feet. And this isn’t including the long beach days on the not-so-distant horizon. Slowtide has taken all of this into consideration and they’ve put some really sick prints on towels. Their spring collections includes a collab with our very own Back Den contributor Mark Oblow that we must have.

These towels are the perfect size for surfing, changing, bronzing — whatever you may do. And they’ve got sick prints, with art in the front of mind. Check the latest line here and grab an Oblow. It’s our favorite.

And stay tuned, our very own collab is in the works. More on that soon. Or peruse the lookbook here and see for yourself. (hint, our towel is in there). 

oblow drawing towels

Slowtide on Mark Oblow:

A true artist reinvents himself often. And Mark Oblow does this almost daily. He draws inspiration from his connections and relationships with people whereby turning his captured images into multi-layered, multi-media pieces which includes photography, stencil, block prints and resin, incorporating them all into his work. He continuously explores…expanding and immortalizing the people, places and objects he captures into stark and beautiful finished pieces.

mark oblow slowtide

Mark Oblow was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and sponsored for both surfing and skateboarding in the 80’s (Vision, Independent, OJ Wheels, Jimmy Z). In addition, Oblow’s creative spark was clear when he picked-up the camera and had his first paid photograph published in Thrasher Magazine as a teenager. When you’re good you’re good.

mark oblow slowtide towels

About Slowtide:

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