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Celebrate what you’re probably wearing Vans celebrates being Off the Wall for 50 Years

03.16.16 – TAGS: ,

Look at your feet. There’s a good chance there are either Vans down there right now or there have been, often over the majority of your existence. That’s because they mean authenticity. And today, Vans is celebrating 50 years of making shoes for those of us who make a lot of noise. And it’s one of the beautiful things that has come from our industry. It never mattered if you surfed, skated, rode BMX or were the lead singer of a band or the person in the front row, or the dude selling march: you had Vans. ┬áMusic and counter culture’s original shoe turns 50 today. And we’re down to celebrate. Who would of thought a dock shoe could become a staple to the reckless.

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