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Are you a Lizard of Summer? Contribute your clips to be featured in the new episodes

what youth lizards of summer

OK, by now you’ve seen our show Lizards of Summer. It’s the hottest mess we’ve got. We call it the dregs of the video vault, but it’s just all the material we shoot on the run, mashed up of peculiar moments in time that we immortalize as Lizards of Summer. It isn’t always pretty (rarely is) and t’s usually completely random and confusing, but it ends up turning to gold. And since we know you’re on the run too, we want to see what you’re seeing and include it an upcoming episode.

Send us your clips for a chance to be featured in the new episode premiering Friday. Your deadline is Wednesday to get clips in the new episode. Freak us out, go.

WeTransfer your footage to us:

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