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Listen to CFM Charles Moothart, longtime Ty Segall collaborator, unleashes solo project

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03.21.16 – TAGS: , , ,
Photo: Denee Petracek

CFM could mean many things. Chill fucking music. Crispy fried monkey. I could really go on forever with this. But I digress. CFM is the first solo effort of Charles Francis Moothart II, lead guitarist of Fuzz and Ty Segall’s longtime collaborator and shredder, and I’m absolutely into the band name. It’s simple. Sweet. And kind of perfect, considering every track on CFM’s debut album was written and recorded by Charles Francis Moothart himself, alone, in an uninhibited experimentation into the depths and hollows of a musician left entirely to his own devices.

Check out “Lunar Heroine” and “Purple Spine”, the first two singles off CFM’s debut album Still Life of Citrus and Slime, out April 8th on In The Red. CFM just finished a quick tour opening for Ty Segall’s The Muggers, performing live with Michael Anderson on guitar, Tyler Frome on bass and Audacity’s drummer Thomas Alvarez, an obliterating force to witness. “It’s rock ‘n’ roll, and that’s all.” –Maya Eslami

“This record is a portrait of a person navigating the mechanics of two distinct machines,” says Moothart. “The first—the brain. The second—the Tascam 388. Eight tracks and a quarter-inch path to maneuver to the summation. The songs simmer from rare to well done. No matter the cut, the meat is fresh and still vibrating with life. Fast, slow, wonky and straight. There are moments of everything in these grooves. At times it feels like it could come apart at the seams, but it doesn’t. It grabs the thread, bites the end, pulls it tight and continues the experiment. It’s rock ’n’ roll, and that’s all.”

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