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Watch “Hey Spaceman!” A new video by Tracy Bryant

We can’t stop listening to Tracy Bryant’s solo album Subterranean, and even more stoked to share his video for “Hey Spaceman!”, the second single off his killer debut. Directed by William Sipos and Sean Campos of the band Distractor, the video opens with Bryant walking up a grassy hill overlooking downtown LA, guitar case in hand and ready to jam. And just as he turns on his foil-wrapped amp, the video beams us up to outer space.

“We actually filmed the green screen spaceship shots in Venice at the Crap Eyewear headquarters,” says Bryant.

On board the spaceship are Joo-Joo Ashworth, Jeremy Katz and Cameron Gartung, part of Bryant’s band and general crew, all seemingly chill until they’re attacked by a blue space monster (my favorite part) and thrown into Space Hell. While Bryant sings out, “Hey Spaceman, are you ever coming home?” the crew accept their fate and even consult a “Dying in Space for Dummies” handbook. I love the video. It’s playful, well done and may just end up on one of our top year end lists. —Maya Eslami

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