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Listen to a Preview of Yeasayer’s New Album Amen & Goodbye drops April 1st on Mute Records

what youth recommends yeasayer
Photo: Eliot Lee Hazel

Yeasayer, the once indie, then psychedelic pop, now experimental band from Brooklyn, have been slowly leaking new tracks since January to their fourth full length album, Amen & Goodbye, set to drop April 1st on Mute Records. Recorded in upstate New York with the help of Joey Waronker, who has worked with Beck and Elliott Smith in the past, the singles sound fresh, with the bands’ characteristically robust arrangements plowing through the vocals. Check ’em out.

Say what you will about this band, but I’ve always been intrigued by Yeasayer’s ability to change their sound from album to album. Their debut in 2007 presented yet another band on the indie wave, which was okay because indie was having its moment. They then embraced more pop techniques and even leaned bravely on an electronic shift, which confused many of their fans, myself included. Now, if “Gerson’s Whistle”, “Silly Me” and “I Am Chemistry” are clear indicators of what Amen & Goodbye will cohesively evoke, I’m game. –Maya Eslami

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