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Watch “Kai Bagah No Wundah” Kai Barger and his Maui boys love to be way above water, and aren’t afraid to be way underwater either

Kai Barger is an interesting member of the Maui crew. When he was younger, he was probably the most well-known talent — always a major threat in NSSA’s and always putting out really good clips. So this next sentence feels weird but: He’s kind of become underground (in a rad way). When you consider he is part of the Matt Meola/Albee Layer crew, and it’s only when he puts out crazy edits like this that you see he’s clearly just as well-rounded, but with more power than the other two.

These Maui guys love being way above water and aren’t afraid to be underwater for long periods of time either.

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Check out our Off Beat with Kai and Matt Meola:

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