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Weezer Has a New Album And I somehow almost missed it

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Okay. So sometimes I live in my underground Burger infused bubble of local rock ‘n’ roll and forget that the rest of the world streamlines on mainstream news, which we’re not into, let’s be honest. But then news of a new Weezer album pops into my morning Internet music feed and I feel like I’ve been living under a rock and I’m out of touch and all those reservations I have about scourging the mainstream news world fills me with an insane bout of rage.

New Weezer album? So they’re still doing this thing? Still?

Yes, Weezer’s releasing a new album on April 1st, self-titled, like they do. Dubbed The White Album – see cover artwork – Weezer’s tenth studio album sounds trapped in time, in a good way, almost like Rivers Cuomo wrote and recorded all the songs in 2002 and forgot about them until now.

There’s already a Wikipedia page about the album. And some songs have been released, all featured here. So if you’re feeling nostalgic today, check out the new / old Weezer like you’ve never heard before. Or maybe you have, and I really do just live under a rock. –Maya Eslami

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