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Listen to Wash’s new EP “Point of View” Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster and Ellis Ericson’s band is pretty damn good

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We love their surfing because they don’t seem to give a fuck, and now they’ve released an EP with the same strut. And it’s fucking good.

Creed’s vocals channel an entire graveyard of fallen rebellious front men.

His voice and stage movements are fluid and reckless, and the thrash happening behind him rules too. They’ve been slaying with live shows around their homeland of Oz with other Aussie surf punk favorites like Goons of Doom, Skeggs and Dumb Punts and now it looks like they’re hitting the globe.

Creed McTaggart, Wash, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson

Today marks the release of their first E.P. titled Point Of View , so you can finally get a taste of the unsystematic noise they’re stirring up. With Beau on drums, Creed on Bass and Ellis on guitar, the live show is something to behold. Until they come to your town, head over their Bandcamp to add this E.P. to your “head banging” playlist and hopefully we’ll get to experience the live heat near us soon. And it looks like they will be in Phoenix, AZ the end of April. Surf rock in the desert. —Asal Shahindoust 

Listen to Wash’s new EP “Point of View” here:

Wash X Reelers from Nathan Foster on Vimeo.

And watch all three tear in Beau’s very rad film “Shitkicker” here: 

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