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Wy Recommends: South Swell edition Your first summer shopping list

what youth recommends gear guide 2016

We’re on the eve of the first collision between north and south swells of the year. A great time to be alive. It means peaks. It means longer days. It means warmer days. It means foreplay of summer. Which means you need to revamp your equipment. We just curated a few necessary items below that should get you started.whatyouth_gearguide-5

Crap Eyewear: The Tuff Safari

Crap Eyewear have the sickest collection of dudes on the team. From a big wave charger Derek Dunfee to Venice park local Kevin Bradley to just about every Burger and Lolipop band you can think of. These are the shades of the year in our book. Dare us to collab with them on a day party. It’s our dream. (Stay tuned). In the meantime, get these.

Buy Crap Eyewear here.



Poler Stuff: Carry-On Duffel

Please tell us you’re going places this year. Lots of them. A good duffel that’s ready to go is essential. Keep it right by the front door so you’re ready to extend your day by many days at any time. Keep a toothbrush, one sweatshirt, two tees and a pair of jeans. You can do anything.

Buy Poler Stuff here.



Vissla: “Blue Fog” Trunks

The technology boom in trunks has officially burst by way of biker shorts underneath trunks. Let’s be honest: we like a nice print, subtle, but fun, and we like enough technology to maintain the outerlayer of skin (no sandpaper please) but that’s it. Buy a brand whose spirit color is the same as yours. Vissla’s spirit is aqua and beige.

Buy Vissla trunks here.



Surfboard: “Spanish Omelette” by Surf Prescriptions

There are a lot of retro options out there — and I recommend those, hell make your own fish, but if you want a board for summer that actually rips: get a “Spanish Omelette” from Doc Lausch. Super fast, super loose, but you somehow feel in total control. A great small-wave option if you like to rip more than cruise. Wide outline with a thin tail make it spicy.

Get Surf Prescriptions here.



Skateboard: Krooked

This summer, we’re going Krooked. Cromer, Worrest, Sebo Walker, Gonz. Just feels right.

Shop Krooked here.



Quiksilver Modern Original back zip 3/2

Ok here’s my theory: You need a fullsuit in the summer if you wake up before 10 (maybe you don’t) but if you do: a simple, no-frills fullsuit works. It also keeps you from getting ridiculous “farmer tanlines” on your arms which come with a short arm. But maybe that’s just me. I like snuggling in my fullsuit. Trunks or fullsuit! It’s a system!

Buy Quiksilver wetsuits here:



Huf: “Cromers” in White

Has there ever been more perfect summer footwear? Socks or not. They’re perfect.

Buy Huf here.



Stussy Hippie Wave Tee

Stussy just makes us happy. The logo, the history, the vibe. Their new ad in the upcoming issue…all good.

Buy Stussy here.



Gorilla Fins

A little less tech than the bullet proof-looking FCS system, Gorilla template has been doing the trick and the prints are way more on point.

Buy Gorilla fins here.



Nate Tyler Signature Octopus is Real “corduroy” grip

Those who have tried it have never gone back. Nate’s unique corduroy grip is cozy and soft but full of grip.

Buy Octopus here.



Banks Brand Trunks

“Built for movement.” With a nice, simple design and those three words, we’re in. Banks has some rad pieces.

Shop Banks here.



D’Blanc “Guilty Pleasure” Sunglasses

D’Blanc continues to make consistently good frames. This spring we’ve taken a liking to the “Guilty Pleasure.”

Shop D’Blanc here.



Rusty “Hooked On” Walkshorts

These look like a summer uniform waiting to happen.

Shop Rusty here.



Globe “Tie Guy” Stripe tee

You may know them for their footwear, but Globe puts out rad apparel as well. Dion’s whole line is good, and we found these striped shirts would work for just about anything you get into this summer:

Shop Globe here.



Sanuk “Guide” Shoe

Lightweight and durable at the same time. Good for long walks into pointbreaks and kicking up next to your fire pit post surf.

Shop Sanuk here.



Slowtide Towels

Floral looks good on towels. Also, little known feature about Slowtide towels: They’re the perfect size for changing into your wetsuit.

Shop Slowtide here.



Krew K Standard Chino

It’s not all sandy days and campfires by night. Sometimes it’s a sweaty night in the pit. Again, Krew makes pants and denim made especially well for this.

Shop Krew here.



Brixton “Tiller” Hat

“It’s great for blocking out the sun…and looking cool while doing it.” Thats’ from our own Michael Cukr who swears by this hat while filming all the vidoes you watch on our site. And he stands in the sun for hours on end with lily white skin, so he would know.

Shop Brixton here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.52.10 AM

Volcom Lefty Zip Jacket

We’ve all at one time or another dreamed of having a Volcom wetsuit — since they really don’t make them — and now we all get our shot, in a nice front zip jacket, perfect for those long days on the beach where you jump in the ocean 50 times.

Shop Volcom here.


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