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Thomas Cohen’s Video for “Hazy Shades” But really listen to the song because it’s great

Thomas Cohen may not sound familiar because, well, he’s not. Search for his name on the Internet and you’ll mostly find references to his late wife Peaches Geldof’s tragic heroine overdose two years ago. But Cohen, once the frontman of post-punk band S.C.U.M., has a new album out, Bloom Forever, his debut he’s been working on since 2012. And with the debut comes a beautiful, playful yet tragic “Urban Cowboy” video for the single “Hazy Shades”.

“We shot ‘Hazy Shades’ in San Francisco on Super 8,” Cohen explains in the press release. “We wanted it to be an awkward lonely cowboy trying to find his way in the city.” Mission accomplished. And although the video suggests a haunting melancholy, which hits on Cohen’s anguished past, the real gem here is the song itself. “Even though the sun is coming out,” he sings, “hazy shades all come home.” –Maya Eslami

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