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Video Premiere: “Wilder Than Me” Fletcher C. Johnson’s new one shot by John Dougherty & Matt Johnson around NYC

Fletcher C. Johnson, of Burger family flare, released this third album last week, titled Lesson In Tenderness. Recorded in a practice space in Orange County during a time where Fletcher “bathed in a sink, slept on a van seat, pissed in a jug” and waited until the dead of night to lay down vocals because of noise constraints, the album is folk-driven pop at its finest, with Fletcher’s strong songwriting skills and intrinsic sound defying experimentation the perfect accent. Today, only on What Youth, we’re premiering the video for the first single off the album, “Wilder Than Me.” Check it out.

Shot by John Dougherty & Matt Johnson, the video features Fletcher doing his own version of the wiggle in various locations around New York City: in a bookstore, at the Natural History Museum, next to a skate ramp, in and out of a pizza shop. “The people of New York were surprisingly unfazed by me dancing right in their business,” he told me. “Although I did hear one lady say, ‘And now I need to walk by this white boy’s naked ass.'” Spoiler alert, you never actually see Fletcher’s white naked ass in the video. But I dare you to watch this without cracking a smile. –Maya Eslami

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