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Listen to Zig Zags’ New Single The ear crushing “They Came For Us”

what youth recommends zig zags
Photo: Nicole Verhamme

After a year or so of reinventing themselves, Los Angeles trio Zig Zags are ready to crush your eardrums with their newest song in a while, “They Came For Us”, the first single off their forthcoming album Running out of Red, dropping May 20th on Castle Face Records.

Led by Jed Maheu on lead/vox, Caleb Miller on bass and Dane Arnold on drums, Zig Zags are one of the loudest current bands I’ve ever seen, and their sheer force of rock translates perfectly to their recordings, a skill not always achieved by loud rock bands. These dudes slay, and they’re even calling their album a “soundtrack to getting high and driving around in your shitty car in your small town, occasionally getting laid … occasionally getting laid out at the local liquor store by an older dude.” Sounds chill to me. –Maya Eslami

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