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Go on the Road with Feels Tour photography by Jeff Fribourg

what youth recommends the feels
Photos: Jeff Fribourg

We’ve insisted you listen to Feels a couple of times now. So now that you’re convinced and are in love with their heartfelt rock-n-roll and siren-like tunes, we want to pick up where we left you after we introduced your hungry ears to their album debut. Following their release, the four-piece band embarked on a tour through SXSW and the Midwest with another band we love, Ty Segall and The Muggers.

Along for the ride was photographer and musician Jeff Fribourg, documenting their tour behind the lens, resulting in this photo story of punk rock nights across America.—Asal Shahindoust

What Youth: What was the best show you played on this tour? 

Laena (Lead Vocals, Guitar): Thalia Hall in Chicago was probably my favorite. The venue is so beautiful and meeting up with Muggers and CFM was so fun, they’re such good bands and rad people. The audience was incredible.

Feelstour_Fribourg_-2 Feelstour_Fribourg_-3 Feelstour_Fribourg_-4

Shannon (Guitar): I had a great time playing First Ave in Minneapolis, the crowd was amazing, the venue was amazing. One of those nights full of great feelings. We also played a great show at SXSW for about 200 drunk, raging college kids. That was rad, I love when there’s a lot of energy coming from the crowd, it really drives a show into another realm.

Amy (Bass): Minneapolis show was pretty sweet, as was Chicago. Played Thalia Hall with a line-up of all our bud’s from back home; CFM and The Muggers

Any bad shows? 

Laena: The show we played in Santa Ana… it was a horrible tragedy…a kid got stabbed to death in a fist fight that went down. We didn’t actually play that show, it happened at the beginning of the night while the second band was on. We were just there in the room setting up our merch like 10 feet away.

Eat any good food along the way? 

Laena: Whole Foods in Austin, Daquiris in New Orleans…

Shannon: BBQ in Kansas City was amazing, BBQ in Nashville was amazing, and the burgers at Hotel Vegas kept me alive while we were in Austin.

Amy: El Chilito in Austin, TX:  breakfast tacos and Horchata for days!

Michael: We had dinner with Ty in the resturant at the thalia hall, amaze…Memphis barbecue is the best, all about that dry rub.A nd Amy gave me avocado on a rice cracker once.. that was rad.

Feelstour_Fribourg_-6 Feelstour_Fribourg_-7 Feelstour_Fribourg_-8 Feelstour_Fribourg_-10 Feelstour_Fribourg_-11

Did you have a favorite band you discovered at SXSW?

Laena: We didn’t have much time to check things out and played mostly showcases with other bands that we know so… no one really. a few SXs back we discovered Ex-Cult who blew us away, and then this year we got to play with them in Memphis, that was cool.

Shannon: It’s all a bit of a blur but I remember seeing a band called Palms that was really great.

Michael: the Garden.

What do you guys think about Ty Segall and The Muggers?

Laena: They’re just such an undeniably good band. You watch them play and it just knocks you over like a tidal wave. Ty is magnetic and everyone in the band is such a good musician, and they’ve got this very menacing carnival thing going on… it’s insane and you become insane too.

Amy: They are super down with pranks.

Michael: They seem so large on stage, but when you hang with them it’s just like being with like-minded folk, no ego, just laughs and insight.

What was Feels’ motto for this tour? 

All: “Show me your BOOTS!”

Michael: All for one, one for all.

What did you play the most in the van?

Laena: We listen to a lot of different stuff and keep it pretty fresh… The Buzzcocks and Wire maybe the most.

Shannon: We listen to a lot of everything, but my favorite song on tour was a Scorpions song that Amy showed me called “Sails of Charon,” it’s the best, listen to it right now.

Amy: Lots of early-era Scorpions for sure, but my favorite song to goof off to was “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night” by KISS.

Feelstour_Fribourg_-12 Feelstour_Fribourg_-13 Feelstour_Fribourg_-14 Feelstour_Fribourg_-16 Feelstour_Fribourg_-17 Feelstour_Fribourg_-18

Do you have any survival tips for the road? 

Laena: Red Maybelline Superstay 24 hour lipstick, Yerba Maté, Ack Mack crackers, peanut butter.

Shannon: Clean socks, clean soul.

Amy: Bring Tajin, limes, and Clamato everywhere you go and you’ll always be in Michelada paradise.

Feelstour_Fribourg_-19 Feelstour_Fribourg_-20 Feelstour_Fribourg_-21 Feelstour_Fribourg_-22 Feelstour_Fribourg_-24 Feelstour_Fribourg_-25 Feelstour_Fribourg_-26 Feelstour_Fribourg_-27 Feelstour_Fribourg_-28 Feelstour_Fribourg_-29 Feelstour_Fribourg_-31 Feelstour_Fribourg_-32 Feelstour_Fribourg_-34 Feelstour_Fribourg_-35 Feelstour_Fribourg_-36 Feelstour_Fribourg_-39 Feelstour_Fribourg_-40 Feelstour_Fribourg_-43 Feelstour_Fribourg_-44 Feelstour_Fribourg_-45 Feelstour_Fribourg_-46 Feelstour_Fribourg_-47 Feelstour_Fribourg_-48 Feelstour_Fribourg_-49 Feelstour_Fribourg_-50 Feelstour_Fribourg_-51 Feelstour_Fribourg_-52 Feelstour_Fribourg_-57 Feelstour_Fribourg_-58 Feelstour_Fribourg_-59 Feelstour_Fribourg_-60 Feelstour_Fribourg_-61 Feelstour_Fribourg_-64 Feelstour_Fribourg_-65 Feelstour_Fribourg_-66 Feelstour_Fribourg_-68 Feelstour_Fribourg_-69 Feelstour_Fribourg_-70 Feelstour_Fribourg_-71 Feelstour_Fribourg_-72 Feelstour_Fribourg_-75 Feelstour_Fribourg_-77 Feelstour_Fribourg_-78 Feelstour_Fribourg_-85 Feelstour_Fribourg_-86 Feelstour_Fribourg_-87 Feelstour_Fribourg_-89 Feelstour_Fribourg_-90 Feelstour_Fribourg_-92 Feelstour_Fribourg_-93 Feelstour_Fribourg_-94 Feelstour_Fribourg_-98 Feelstour_Fribourg_-100 Feelstour_Fribourg_-101


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