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En-Route to Brixton Broadcast Chicago The windy city is about to get blown away by Natural Child and The Half Rats and Us

Brixton Broadcast, Chicago, Music, Natural Child, The Half Rats,

I have been to Chicago before. And I surfed. Sorta. I tried to do tow-ats on one-foot wind waves in Lake Michigan and I played bean bags while consuming many cans of Bud Light like a good midwesterner. I even sat across the street from the ancient and historic Wrigley baseball field where the Cubs play and viewed a game in a converted apartment building with a large Budweiser sign on it. It was called, “The Bud House.” You can see it if you watch home runs get hit by the Cubs on SportsCenter. If you don’t do that, you can see it on the side of Budweiser cans.

That was then, this is now. A new trip to Chicago and this time we’re going to rock the fuck out (again) with our great friends at Brixton for another stop on their Brixton Broadcast tour (I must really encourage you to attend these.) We’re starting to really get the hang of this now too. Playing this show at The Empty Bottle are Natural Child and local bands The Half Rats, The Yolks and Aquarian Blood. And the rest of the time there will be eating, drinking and frozen rain. Follow along and if you’re in Chicago, come show us around, we can’t wait to chug a Bud with you.—Travis 

And since we got in today, we’ll be heading straight to this, just to get the hang of it all.


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