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Watch “Walk Away” by Tomorrows Tulips New music video by Distractor

What do Spacemen 3 and David Bowie have in common? The new Tomorrows Tulips video for their single “Walk Away”, off their latest album iNdy rock royalty comb, released in January on Burger Records. According to the video’s director Distractor (Will Sipos), “Al’s inspiration [came] from a Spaceman 3 video (for ‘Revolution’) and a David Bowie TV performance (of ‘Five Years’) from the 70s.”

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Distractor, taking lead singer Alex Knost’s vision to heart, shot the video with the band swathed in shades, posing stoically before a black backdrop. Knost and bassist Ford Archbold look so similar in the video that their juxtaposed impassive blonde faces present a textured optical illusion that nicely balances drummer Jennifer Agnew’s leather and lace spotlight.

Shot in Tomorrows Tulips’ practice space in Costa Mesa, the video’s simplicity compliments the songs steady, subdued tone and the bands’ innate stoner-rock fuck you attitude. “We made the video with the worlds’ smallest budget,” Distractor told me. “We had a homemade dolly track and shot it on a $100 PowerShot my mom got me for Christmas.” Turns out less is better than more, especially with a little ingenuity. –Maya Eslami

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