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A Little Austyn Gillette for your day Three clips is all we need

Austyn Gillette is a modern renaissance man. A bonafide one man band. Skating, acting, hosting, pranking, making music etc. You just wanna be around him. We once locked into a 3 day sit in at the top of the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA with him and friends, telling stories and going in and out of losing and finding our minds. A great memory. It’s nice to get a few fresh clips from him. Even if it is just three. We really love his style enough to watch these three clips for at least the next few days. Below are some other pieces you should cram down your weekend.

Watch Fairly Normal: Austyn Gillette: 

Watch his Thrasher part for HUF: 

Watch Austyn host the World Premiere of Cluster in downtown LA here: 

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