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New video for “Fear” by Numb•er You might have heard it in the new Volcom skate film Holy Stokes!

The new Volcolm skate film “Holy Stokes!” premiered this past Friday at the Ace Hotel Theater in Downtown LA and interlaced between the skating you will hear a debut tune called “Fear” by one of our favorites in the game, Jeff Fribourg’s band Numb•ers. You’ll remember Jeff’s photography was actually just featured the other day when he went on tour with Feels and took photos that we loved here. 

Today they’re premiering this new vid for song “Fear” and we fucking love it. Song and vid. The music video is tripped out in hypnotizing technicolor visuals thanks to the creative direction of director Bryan Peterson, who is a new media video installation artist.

Check out the video and be sure to peep numb•er’s Instagram for news on shows and releases too –Asal Shahindoust

And catch them live at The Echo in Los Angeles June 8 and June 22. 

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