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Listen to (and see) Veronica Bianqui Cheery, Parisian-influenced pop tonight at the Hi-Hat in Los Angeles

Veronica Bianqui portrait.
Photo: Casey Lewis

Veronica Bianqui is a bubblegum pop princess dream come true. She’s swept Los Angeles with her cheery pop tunes that are notably similar to classic women musicians from the 1960s era with her powerful vocal chords and upbeat jangles.

Veronica is ready to bring the feeling of a French Riviera summer to you without ever having to leave your bedroom. Her brand new single, “Aah, Paris…” was just released on Friday. The song is adorned with flower power french pop influences, but cuts much deeper than that in its lyrical content. Veronica notes that the song is an “escape from pain, loneliness and difficulty.”

When Veronica isn’t spending all her time writing, recording, and performing her solo work, she plays in two other emerging bands from the So-Cal music scene – Isaac Rother and The Phantoms and The Blank Tapes.

And if you’re around LA tonight, make sure to catch her stylish and spunky self at the Hi-Hat in Highland Park on Wednesday night for her release party. We chatted to Veronica about her show and tunes. —Asal Shahindoust 

What Youth: Explain “Veronica Bianqui” in one sentence to the new listener. 

Veronica Bianqui: Kinda ’60s, kinda garage-y, kinda poppy, kinda eccentric, kinda catchy, kinda classic R&B — soul sung from the heart.

What makes your new single “Aah Paris” different from your other tunes?

It’s one of the few songs I’ve used with horns. I love those horns. I’d like to do more of that. It’s kinda one of my more trippy songs, including the sounds and textures and the subject matter. And it’s the only song I’ve written so far with an obvious ’60s French Pop influence.

Tell us about how your relationship with music began. 

I think I was probably singing in the womb. I can’t remember a first time I decided I wanted to do music, feels like it’s always been there. I think I wrote my first song when I was about 6. I have a collection of hilarious cassette tapes of myself singing and doing radio shows alone in my room as a little girl.  One of them is me singing along to the entire TLC CrazySexyCool album.  I whispered the word “sexy” when it would come up in songs cause I knew it was a naughty word. Definitely the first group I ever fell in love with was TLC. I walked into the room and “Waterfalls” was on MTV, and my jaw dropped, I was amazed.

What is important to you personally when it comes to playing solo with your own band vs. playing in your other bands?

It’s important when performing with my own band to be honest, to look the audience members in their eyes and sing right to them, to bring people joy. And it’s important to be in the moment. I love to sometimes throw in bits of improv throughout the show. I know I’m really in it when something comes out of my mouth or on my guitar that I was completely unconscious about. Many of these principals apply to playing in other peoples’ bands as well.  I guess it’s just different because I write the songs in my band, so I am much more vulnerable up there on stage.

What current girl musicians do you admire?

I suppose some current female musicians I admire would be Merrill Garbus of Tune Yards &  St. Vincent, though I haven’t really listened to them much lately. I really love Cate Le Bon’s songwriting. Kera & The Lesbians — I love Kera and that band.  I recently heard a twin sister duo called Ibeyi and loved it!

What can we expect from you following the release of this single?

You can expect the single release show on June 8th at Hi-Hat in Highland Park! And you can expect a video for “Aah, Paris…” in a month or so. Shot in Paris!

See and hear more of Veronica Bianqui (and buy the new single) here. 

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