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Listen to Pink Mexico And stream their new album fool

Stream Pink Mexico's new album, Fool.

Pink Mexico, LA’s latest musical addition to the fuzzy garage scene dominating our eardrums, has linked up with Burger Records to release their upcoming album fool, streaming below for your listening pleasure. Bursting with reverb-drenched heavy-hitting riffs and popcentric vocals to even out the sludge factor, Pink Mexico reminds me of Wand and, of course, Ty Segall, and even has Noisey describing them as “something like if Nirvana had had a surf rock phase”, which I’m okay with.

Fronted by Robert Preston, who recently moved from LA to Brooklyn and wrote the record in a “windowless 10×10 room fueled by hangovers, coffee, and cigarettes,” fool is bursting with sludgy, reverb-drenched riffs and popcentric vocals reminiscent of Wand and, of course, the master of pop sludge, Ty Segall. Read our quick interview with Preston below, and stream the album. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the scorching weekend ahead. –Maya Eslami

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WHAT YOUTH: Pink Mexico. Tell me about the name. Where’d it come from?

PINK MEXICO: Discovered at a gay bar south of the border.

What’s your favorite thing that’s pink?


Do you like Pink Floyd?

The piper at the gates of dawn is one of my favorites.

Do you feel like the music scene is super different in LA than NY?

I think it’s a weather thing, but the LA scene has a far-less dark vibe than Brooklyn and I dig that. I dig LA.

Sum up fool for us in 5 words.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

How did Burger get involved? Did you get high with them and meet their cats?

I met them when I was living in LA and yes we did smoke weed in the shop where we began talking about maybe one day releasing something together.

Who else plays on the record? Who produced it?

There are a couple extra people playing on this album. For starters, Shilpa Ray makes an appearance on the last track “No More Movies,” Steven Wienhiemer from Spirit Family Reunion plays wash-board and hand claps on “Forgetting Everything” and Mike Forst played bass on most of the album. Jon Granoff engineered/co-produced the album with me.

Will you have a touring band when you hit the road?

Yes, Pink Mexico is a band now. Grady Walker and Ian Everall complete the group live.

fool drops June 24th on Burger Records.

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