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The What Youth Guide to Summer Tools for Summer: Some You’ll Want, Some You’ll Need

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God I hope you’re going somewhere this summer. Please don’t just sit under the gloom watching SnapChats while getting trampled by tourist invaders. Turn the tables and be one yourself at least. Buy a ticket you can’t afford, load a bag with stuff and go in debt doing things you’ll remember forever. We’ve been doing that regardless of season for as long as we can remember, and continue to find new ways to cheat the system and be places we shouldn’t. Hell, we are currently doing back to back boat trips. Never dreamed I’d be able to drop that statement. But here we are.

And to do all this warm global wandering we need tools. Tools for making things easier. Tools for beating the game of life. Cheating the system a bit. And since we’re still here at all, I’ll say we’re pretty good at it. So here’s a list of things we’ve compiled to make your upcoming summer go ‘round. Some you’ll need. Some you’ll want. The What Youth Guide to Summer. Whatever that means.

To begin, every summer should be well-oiled with new music. The soundtrack to the hot time of 2016. Our music muse Maya Eslami has some albums worthy of elevating beyond your Spotify and actually purchasing and burning the needle on your record player and cementing themselves into your memory of this summer. Here they are:

BRONCHO: Double Vanity

Broncho : Double Vanity

WHITNEY: Light Upon the Lake

Whitney : Light Upon the Lake

ADULT BOOKS: Running from the Blows

Adult Books : Running from the Blows

BIG THIEF: Masterpiece

Big Thief : Masterpiece

YUNG: A Youthful Dream

Yung : A Youthful Dream



U-TURN: Turn Table

It’s time. And we couldn’t recommend it enough: buckle down and buy a turntable. I am in absolute love with mine. And the dudes at U-Turn Audio have made it simple and rad to do finally. You don’t need to do the awkward charade with your local salesman who’s trying to trip you out with technical terms from the ‘70s. These dudes know their stuff. Local Philadelphia brands. And they’ll give you simple advice on getting your set up dialed so you can focus on that collection. Order online and the thing will aarrive and you’ll be spinning the records above the real way in no time. My personal favorite purchase of 2016 so far.  

Buy it here.



HEX: The Brigade Overnight Travel Duffel

To be a truly spontaneous traveler you need a good duffel bag. They beg for the last-minutue decision. Not too big and clunky, but they hold enough to keep you on the run for a long time if needed. We love these new HEX bags: simple, clean and organized but ready to get functional the second you hit “purchase” for that flight that leaves very soon. And they look really damn good. 

Buy it here.


VANS: The Sk8-Hi

First things first, you need footwear you don’t have to think about. Durable and proven to do anything you do. New Vans Sk8-Hi are you. Do timeless things in them.

Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 5.24.20 PM

VOLCOM: Lefty Front Zip Jacket

I’m a firm believer in going all the way, or not going at all (no energy drink tone). But if you’re gonna kinda go, wearing a jacket while you surf is the best way to stay kinda warm. Loving this front zip one from Volcom. They don’t fullsuits so it’s your chance to dawn the stone on your neoprene.

Buy it here.


THE NEW POLAR SKATE VID:  I Like It Here in My Mind Please Don’t Wake Me This Time

One of the most enjoyable things we’ve watched in a long time. Could not wait to go skate as soon as it finished. You need nothing more than that to tell you it is great. The skating and music are flawless and it’s real. Every Polar skate film has been perfect. This one is just another hit in the vault.

Buy it here.


ADIDAS: The Matchcourt

Just watch Away Days and you’ll need a pair. Adidas making sick shit for skating and going well with everything. Plain and simple and good. 

Buy it here.


what youth welcome skateboards

WELCOME SKATEBOARDS: Light-Headed on Stonecipher

They have the sickest shapes. Rad art and remind you that you don’t have to be plain.

Buy it here.


CRAP: The Pop Control Polarized

They know how to have a good time and they make some sick sunnies and they’re basically permanently on our head. Polarized and ready to join you for summer vacation.

Buy it here.


SANUK: Beer Cozy Light

For the days when you know you’’re going to be doing little more than lounge with cold, strong alcoholic beverages and sunshine. Still made with those ever-so-cushiony yoga mat footbeds that Sanuk is known for, but just a bit more slim and stylish.

Buy it here.


POLER STUFF: The Snoozer Camp Mattress

With this, you can do anything. Be anywhere. And it only weighs 2 pounds! Who can get their mat in the most unique position this summer? Of course you can.

Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 5.23.43 PM

VISSLA: 7 Seas 2/2 Fullsuit

This fullsuit is great for summer days with slight wind chill. Lightweight, flexible and affordable. Avoid those weird spring suit ride-ups and short-sleeve full tanlines.

Buy it here.


HUF: The Cromer

A simple skate shoe that’s durable and plain and perfect. The 90s noise of shoegaze in an actual shoe that we love. 

Buy it here.



D’BLANC: The Guilty Pleasure

They are just too good. Condemned to be cool. Probably forever.

Buy it here.



POLAR: Aaron Herrington and Kevin Rodriguez One-Off Decks

Sick authentic brand making sick authentic decks with just enough social commentary to keep it real. We support anything Pontas Alv does. And Aaron and Kevin fucking rip.

Buy it here.

whatyouth_gearguide-10SLOWTIDE: “Moblow” Towel

Doodled by a dude we love. Mark Oblow is a major part of our team here and this towel is sick. We need towels, it’s summer.

Buy it here.


BRIXTON: “Madrid” shorts

If we’re being honest, we wear a lot of pants. But no one can make a utility, rad short like Brixton. It’s gonna get hot as fuck, you might as well be in something Brixton made. Simple drawstring and go. I am wearing these right now. I kid you not.

Buy it here.


QUIKSILVER: New-Wave Markings

Everyone needs a new pair of boardshorts in their summer arsenal. And we don’t need lazer beams on our trunks. We just need them to not rub us raw. We like these. They are low key and not too flashy but still unique enough to add a little something to your summer wardrobe, or lack thereof.

Buy it here.


SPEAQUA: “The Barnacle” Portable Speaker

The name may sound corny, but this little portable/waterproof speaker is pretty sick. It has a battery lasting up to 5 hours with bluetooth connectivity so you can pocket it and pull it out anywhere, wet or dry. There is a built in suction cup and it’s floatable if you want to bring some music with you in the water. At only $39.99 it’s not a bad summer toy. Breaking the silence on the road in the middle of nowhere is always a good idea.

Buy it here.


GORILLA: Core Range Fins

Fins are filled with technology these days. They have ridiculous math in them and some have fucking laser beams, but with all that said, I really like this set from Gorilla. The Core Range get it done for all your boards. Small, Medium and Large and they’ve got all the technology you need, without the nonsense bragging. These are on all the boards in our rack, and we’re ripping.

Buy it here.

Check out the What Youth Instagram the next few days, we’re giving away a bunch of sets of fins from Gorilla. You just have to send us your board art and we’ll send you fins if we like it the most.


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