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Listen to Gap Dream’s New Single From upcoming bedroom loner pop album, This is Gap Dream

Gap Dream, the brainchild of one-man band Gabe Fulvimar, has a new album coming out July 22nd on Burger Records, and it could very well be his best yet. Titled This is Gap Dream, the “bedroom loner pop masterpiece” is Fulvimar’s third full-length psychedelic synthpop experiment, and, as the press release states, his “most personal work to date.”

Check out the first leaked single, “College Music,” a sullenly upbeat, incredibly fuzzy hit on the decline of analog music in the face of booming technology, which is ironic, considering Gap Dream is essentially Fulvimar sampling Nintendo beats on his MacBook. But nonetheless, if you were a fan of his debut, you’ll dig his new “slacker epic” of an album. I’m already obsessed. –Maya Eslami

Track Listing for This is Gap Dream:

1. Greater Find

2. Rock and Roll

3. College Music

4. 24 Hour Token

5. Party Foul

6. Jacky

7. 153

8. Golden Shoes

9. Modern Rhythms

10. Judy Let Me Roam

11. Shy Boy

12. A Stranger to Myself


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