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Summer with Dent May Good ass music that makes you feel like partying on a boat

what youth recommends dent may

If you haven’t heard of Dent May yet, it’s time you crawled out of your current music cave and let in the feel-good pop implosion that Dent is sending your way.

We need to dance more – while driving, at shows, alone in the bedroom, not alone in the bedroom – and Dent is fully aware of this when he writes hit after hit in a seemingly effortless manner but actually is underlined with conscious composition.

The vintage demeanor of his music releases a showtune-like vibe, yet Dent manages to overlay the nostalgic romantic tracks with relevant stylings. You get 70s disco, soul, pop, indie and electro all rooted in one song and somehow that combo completely makes sense.

But forget the genres for a minute, if you’re going to label it just label it as “good ass music that makes me feel like partying on a boat.”

Dent has three albums under his belt and the new single he just released, “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love” is a heads-up that he’s about to shoot out another banger.

You now have permission to stop read and start listening. –Asal Shahindoust


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