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What Youth Party Planner Cancel everything, you’re coming with us: Europe, Costa Mesa, Palm Springs, Christiania and more

You no longer need plans this month. We’ve got you booked. European premieres, the CPH Pro, radical class desert parties, and rowdy live concerts in local bars. It’s a whirlwind, but go with it. Make plans, pack bags, and join us. Here’s your itinerary: 

Dion Agius’ “The Smiling Bag” European Premiere Tour :

Dion Agius has new film coming out and it’s gonna be premiering all over Europe. He is also telling us the very rad 40-minute full-length isn’t going to hit the Internet. Maybe ever. So these premieres are your only chance to see it. The Smiling Bag features Dion and his friends Craig Anderson, Noa Deane, Ozzie Wright, and Chippa Wilson. So figure out where you are in time and space and get yourself to the nearest premiere.


CHP Pro, Copenhagen: 

Wednesday we are throwing a party at the Wonderland Bowl in Christiania, Copenhagen. Because the CPH Pro, our favorite skate contest, is happening and we love Copenhagen so much that we’re going to have a party. 


Brixton Broadcast, Costa Mesa:

The Brixton Broadcast is finally in our neck of the woods and, yeah, you bet we’re gonna be there. Kim & the Created, Arctic and Uniform are laying out the jams and we’re amped. August 11th, Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, doors at 8pm, 21+. 


Issue 15 Release Party, Palm Springs, CA: 

We wanna give you a heads up about this date: August 18th. Start planning now, because we are taking you to Palm Springs. The mecca of parties. Where Hollywood would party when they weren’t in Hollywood. Where you can get wild in the desert and hallucinate on the heat and whatever else you want. So Thursday, Aug 18th we are gonna be living it up at the Ace Hotel, celebrating our issue 15 release with a party in the desert with a very special musical performance.. So take the day off— maybe the week. And stay tuned, there’s more to come. We’ll have promo codes for cheap hotel rooms coming later this week. 

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