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Last Night’s Wonderland Party Photos from Eric Dressen’s Salad Bowl jam in Christiania, Copenhagen

Photos: Yentl Touboul

Down the rabbit hole, One night in wonderland. Memory fades from numerous Danish beers and the infamous watermelon bong but we had an incredible time in Christiana. Once we hastily set the screen up, paid a local girl in beer for an extension cord (that’s currency in Christiana). An all star crew got the bowl and bar lit. As the night continued, pandemonium ensued with a festival atmosphere making it one of the most memorable parties we have ever had the pleasure of throwing. Thanks to everyone that came, the Christiana crew, the CPH open team and Monster for letting us do fun things. See the mayhem below.

CNV000014CNV000015 CNV000016 CNV000017 CNV000023 CNV000025 CNV000027 CNV000029 CNV000035 CNV000037 WYparty1 WYparty2 WYparty3 WYparty4 WYparty5 WYparty16 WYparty17 WYparty55 WYpartyCPH1 WYpartyCPH2 WYpartyCPH222

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