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“Hey I like you” by Julian Klincewicz Runway show and exhibition in San Diego tomorrow evening

We initially admired Julian on a skateboard and the music he put out in his first bands, LUBE and Christy, which have been featured in many of our web shorts and our film Brother. He played many of our issue release parties and film premieres (at one time we called him our in-house musician) Since then Julian has put out music under his own name and spent time in Japan modeling, worked alongside Gosha Rubchinskiy, and is currently working on a film with Kanye West. He was featured in Keeping Up With The Kardashians a few episodes back, for reals. Julian has a charm about him that’s irresistible and and is talented at everything he does, and he does a lot. It’s inspiring.

And tomorrow night (September 23) he’s having his first runway show and exhibition in San Diego. Details and a word from Julian below.

“I want to create something fun and something foreign to what people associate with San Diego and experience from day to day here, but something which exists very intrinsically within my world and my work—‘fashion.’ So doing a runway show—re-contextualizing my experiences of New York and Paris—and putting it in the middle of Balboa Park for an audience that might not necessarily have access to those shows every season—I think it can create a unique and special experience. It’s just as much about the clothing and the physicality of the work as it is about creating a very specific experience for people in San Diego, a ‘Run Way Show’ creates a certain kind of energy that “Exhibition” does not.  I’m also thinking a lot about the context & medium in which the work will be received, so for the photos and videos that will go to magazines and media outlets to recap the show and the looks, the focus will be more on the clothing, the make-up, the cuts, etc., but for people here in San Diego who are attending the show it will be more about creating a sense of magic. It’s about the excitement & experience.” –Julian Klincewicz




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