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And the Lomography camera goes to… Ally Flake won herself a brand new film camera from Lomography

what youth lomography contest winner

Congratulations Ally Flake, you won yourself a new instant film camera from Lomography for your submission of this purple thigh bruise from hell. Below are a few more of our favorite submissions, and for the record, we were pretty overwhelmed by the response to this. We might have to give away some more cameras for your guys. So stay tuned for that.

Also, Lomo is raising money to release a new camera for your enjoyment here.


PHOTO BY: Ally Flake

Other standout entries: 


PHOTO BY: Angie Bandari


PHOTO BY: Brennan Ko-Madden


PHOTO BY: Brian Bauer


PHOTO BY: Christopher Schade


PHOTO BY: Jake Killen


PHOTO BY: Jordan Purchase


PHOTO BY: Justin Shagena


PHOTO BY: Kale Wood

PHOTO BY: Paul Van Hof

PHOTO BY: Tyler Whitfield


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