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Listen to Chest Pains And stream their new EP Bath Bandits

Video: Chest Pains

Type “Chest Pains” in a search browser, and the usual onslaught of worrisome diagnoses pop up. My favorite, “this heart muscle inflammation may cause fever, fatigue, fast heart beat, and trouble breathing.” All of these symptoms could easily be attributed to the experience of listening to Chest Pains, a garage band from Leeds, but, you know, in the best way possible. Comprised of Callum Crombie (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jim T-H (bass), Harry Rogers (drums), and Sam Robinson (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Chest Pains’ blend of garage and punk influenced rock give them a bit of a Strokes vibe, if the Strokes and Jay Reatard joined forces. And Robinson’s vocals, delivered like he’s shouting through an air duct, are the perfect fuzzy accent to this promising band.

Their new EP Bath Bandits drops today on Healthy Eating Records, and we’re streaming the whole thing right here for you. So listen up, and read our quick chat with these dudes below. If you live in Leeds, make sure to see them play tonight with Thee MVPs at DIY space Chunk. Chest Pains are rumored to ensue some heavy basement brawls, and I’m guessing this one won’t be an exception. –Maya Eslami

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WHAT YOUTH: How did Chest Pains come together?

CHEST PAINS: Jim, Harry and Sam went to school together and met Callum in Leeds when we all relocated here. We were all messing around with music, playing and writing random bits together, and decided to properly start Chest Pains around a year ago now.

Tell me about the new EP, Bath Bandits.

Bath Bandits is made up of five of our favourite songs to perform live. Through all listening to a variety of different music, we tried to create a diverse sound, from our surfier tracks such as Vicious to our slightly grittier songs like Scared Of The Dark.

What was the recording process like?

We recorded Beach Beauties (our first EP) ourselves which included our initial few ideas as a band, then followed it by playing our first live show in the basement of our old house. Having consistently written new songs since then, we decided to record Bath Bandits as we felt it’s a better and more current representation of us. We produce all of our own music so that we have 100% control on our own sound.

Any advice to other bands recording their own music?

Just do what you want, however you want to.

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