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Premiere: Sunshine & The Blue Moon Watch the new video for their single, “Welcome To The Future”

Video: Kai Davey-Bellin

The future can be a scary thing to think about And Ontario psych/folk band Sunshine & The Blue Moon are here to help. Their new LP Welcome To The Future just dropped this month on The Hand Recordings, and apparently the “effects that our collective human selves wreak upon our poor planet” have lead singer Kai Davey-Bellin using his position as a musician to educate people, in a non soapbox preachy kind of way. In the bands’ new video for the S/T single off the album, “Welcome To The Future”, Sunshine & The Blue Moon appear on a faux children’s show set dressed up as barn animals, taking a lighthearted approach to discuss some serious issues.

“A plant cannot grow unless you give it all you know. Yes, all you know.” Check it out.

“I notice others are less inclined to want to listen to, or talk about these stories because they’re often told to us in a harsh, stark doomsday kind of way,” he told me. “I thought maybe I would try to write the tragedies into a less alarmist, more upbeat hopeful song, and maybe listeners will absorb it and think about it with a more positive tone.”

Watch the premiere of the video, and remember to always keep calm and listen to good music. –Maya Eslami

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