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Premiere: Listen to Ruby Haunt And get lost in their new single, “Blush”

Ruby Haunt, the creation of childhood friends Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour, started out as a long distance thing. Living on opposite ends of the coast (Los Angeles and Portland), the duo exchanged musical ideas and tracks through email alone, producing three EPs and perfecting their vibrations along the Pacific. But for their forthcoming debut album Sugar, out October 6th, Ruby Haunt was finally able to create music in the same space, “born from a month in a studio overlooking the ocean.” We can tell. The melodies eb and flow with an eerie, misty mountain Twin Peaks vibe. Ruby Haunt’s beautifully synthed songs are, well, haunting, and ideal bedroom gaze: best served lying upside down, eyes out the window, wondering about the color of the moon. Check out their new single, “Blush” off the LP, and read our quick interview with Victor and Wyatt below. “We got lost in the music,” they told me of the recording process. And so will you. –Maya Eslami 

WHAT YOUTH: Sugar is your debut full length, but also the first time you guys created an album in the same space. What was that like? 

RUBY HAUNT: The process is way more fun. To have a whole month writing music was a dream for us. We got lost in the music, drank too many beers, surfed, and when we hit a wall, we went out to the bars. We always got more work done in the mornings and evenings. The late afternoons were rough, nothing felt good then. You can only mix / work on songs for so long before you overcook it.

How was the process different than making the EPs through email? 

We could work way faster and bounce ideas off each other without sending a text or email. Although it’s nice to have your own space when you’re trying to compose / write lyrics.

And I’m sure you didn’t have a choice, living in separate cities. What kept you guys at it for three EPs? 

It’s an addiction for us. I mean as much as we love sharing it with people, we love the process and music ourselves. Each EP represents a little world of inspiration we are in at the time. The music we are listening to, our moods, and everything that inspires us to try to create a specific sound or feeling.

You mention the album was “born from a month in a studio overlooking the ocean.” Do you think the ocean contributes to your creativity?  

Maybe it adds a little more dreaminess.

Nailed it. 


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