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The Boys and Girls of Beach Goth The annual shit show of ghouls and music hosted by The Growlers

Everyone’s costume is usually melted off by nightfall. And this year was no exception — hell most of the festival was melted by night one. A new venue prompted quite a few problems with security, and rain fell on day 2 flooding most of the venue and equipment and general halloween horror ensued. Lots of people are pissed, but others aren’t and they danced in the rain and probably got psychedelic in some manner. Because of the rain, performances were cancelled, including headliner Grimes. But the spirit of Beach Goth was not entirely dampened, as you’ll see below. People still got weird. But others still feel robbed and there’s a petition floating around about how pissed people are. If you’re pissed, find that petition and sign that. We on the other hand had a good time and so did the people below. The Growlers issued an apology you can read here, but we suggest looking at the pictures and remembering that festivals are shit shows on purpose. Maybe it’s time we pump the brakes and try not to see every band we’ve ever heard of all at once. Or have a beer and chill the fuck out. You decide.

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