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Remembering Andy 6 years ago today we lost Andy Irons

Andy Irons, Nate Lawrence

There has been no shortage of emotions around lately. 2016 has been a rough one on our heroes. And today is no different. Our TV’s have been on Andy part loop. We’ve scanned the hard drives for photos. We’ve just, remembered. And he left us with so much, it’s not hard to find a rad moment to reminisce on. And today, 6 years after we lost him, we’ve found another way to remember: by contributing to the Kickstarter that will help make the true A.I. film, once and for all.

So have your own moment, or watch a vintage A.I. video part, and click below and get involved in the production of the new A.I. film, and let’s keep it independent. We all need this.

Watch the full trailer and contribute to ANDY: The Untold Story of Andy Irons here.

Andy Irons, Nate Lawrence

Andy Irons, Bali. PHOTO: Nate Lawrence

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