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What Youth Gift Guide If you’re going to buy stuff this holiday season, it should be this stuff

what youth recommends holiday gear guide

There is no shortage of stuff in this world. The problem with that? There’s a lot of shit that gets in the way of the good stuff. And life is too short and moving far too fast for the average. It’s too easy to be tricked these days too, there is a lot of research on our behaviors and it leads to lots of very average offerings. We fucking hate that. Which is why we always try to sift through the rubble and make sure you’re getting introduced to the stuff that is good. The stuff from brands, artists and musicians who are doing authentic things with authentic people for authentic reasons. And so if you’re going shopping for yourself or friends, here is a nice place to start.


What Youth

We’ve got books, threads, hoodies, tees, mugs for coffee or whiskey (or both), stickers, buttons and other things you might like.

Buy it here.


Lee Hazelwood’s “Cowboy in Sweden from Light in the Attic Records

Buy it here.


David Bowie: Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions ’68-’72

Buy it here.


Marshall Portable Speaker: Stockwell

NOTHING is more important for traveling than a good, convenient, quality speaker. A trip in silence can be a nightmare. Don’t travel without this. Tell santa and every relative.

Buy it here.



Huf’s collab with British Millerain combines innovative waxed canvas, a shoe and a certain Je ne sais quoi to bring you these military looking kicks for this holiday season. Ideal for floating between cold weather surf checks, muddy trails and ending in unwelcoming dive bars all whilst keeping your feet warm and dry. What a fine time to be alive.

Buy them here.


Record Carrier Case from Crosley Radio

The most important thing you can do for your vinyl collection is take care of it. This does that, but with style.

Buy it here.



We are really digging the simplicity of Volcom’s recent colab with Antihero. All black long sleeve erryting with inscriptions on the arms will have you looking dressed down and fresh to death.

Buy it here.



J Antony Lukas (look him up) once wrote: “I wear cord jackets and button-down shirts. I am a 1955 graduate of Harvard University who drives a 1968 Mercedes.” Although we can’t help you with the ’68 Mercedes or the Harvard degree, we can strongly advise to you purchase or have purchased on your behalf this outstanding jacket from our good friends at Brixton. Nicely bridging the gap between country gent, and city slicker. Sleek and rough and tumble.

Buy it here.


Project Essential II Turntable in matte black

If our music editor Maya Eslami is obsessed with this, you know it’s legit.

Buy it here.



Turns out wetsuits (and surfboards) are horrific for the environment. And while our future president (holy shit this scary to write) may not believe we’re destroying the world, awareness and the little things do help. And Vissla is now producing this more environmentally and sustainable wetsuit. We need more people making these. Support Vissla and the planet and stay warm while ripping all at once.

Buy it here.



The holiday season is defined by festivities fuelled with booze of varying descriptions. With alcohol comes bad decisions, and with those bad decisions comes dealing with the fall out in the morning. The beauty of sunglasses, especially of this fine nature is that no one can see your remorseful, puffy eyes, thus making awkward morning conversations, apologies and getaways effortless. These puppies from D’blanc carried off with the right air of nonchalance, and coupled with an unlit cigarette and ripped jeans will have you looking the part on the outside, even though you may be dying inside.

Buy them here.


Petty: The Biography

Reading is great. Music reading can be ethereal.

Buy it here.


The Wine of Youth by John Fante

I love this book because it’s Fante of course, but it’s Fante in short story form, meaning you can tear into in chunks and jump around. Each story it’s own emotional journey. Reading Fante is such a pleasure. Simple language with power. Get it for yourself or delight your friend with a book and a note inside it.

Buy it at a bookstore please. They’re out there.


Panda Surfboards: The Dolly Dagger

From the master sorcerer that puts sleds under the feet of Brendon, Droid and Ford Archbold feet amongst many others, comes the latest edition to the stable: The Dolly Dagger… And well, look at it. That hip! Those mysterious fin placements! The channel! This oozes fun, and with a strong garnish of haute performance will have you sliding across your local with the upmost sophistication.

Buy it here.


Chilli Surfboards: The Nevada

And for the more tradition quiver, we’ve opted for the Nevada from Chilli Surfboards. If you’re surfing a wave within 2 to 6 feet (and yes, you are, most every day) this board loves you back as much as you love it.

Buy it here.


FACT Brand

Fact is a new indpependent skate brand we are loving. It represents small label, rad independent skateboarding. And yes, you guessed it, we love that. Check out their new line. We’re digging this long sleeve.

Buy it here.



The average surfer will bray, bemoan and belittle fins. “They don’t make difference, it’s a money making tool, they are all the same.” They will cry out, wearing flip flops with their wetsuits, tail pads stuck exactly 3 inches from the leash plug, shameless bearing a chinese wax job all on display. However, aspire to be better than that! Fins do make all the difference. Foil, rake, depth, area and most importantly color all play a part. Whilst I can’t comment on the foil and rake, look at these colors! The black and white outer edge, so business! So New York 1920! And the Psychedelic insides! Vegas! New Orleans on Mardi Gras! An acid trip with Cara Delevingue! Fins do make a difference!

Buy them here.



I was mugged for my shoes once. In a certain Central American country (not to upset the tourist board) but it’s where the waves are muy bien, muy offshore and you can sip rum all night in Latin opulence with scantily clad Scandinavian darlings. I was on the way back from such splendor when I was jumped and my shoes were stolen. Heartless. Heartbroken. And the reason? 1) Not being strong enough to fight back ( I am very very weak) 2) looking like a surfer. Whilst (1) is unlikely to change,  (2) we can help you to not end up in such a predicament by not looking like a surfer!. It’s a fundamental fact that no one mugs cool / hard / street / skate kids. They rob surfers and geeks. To avoid this fate, these kicks from Adidas will have you fitting in the world of street from Shoreditch to Queens, from Vancouver to Chi city, safe from being robbed from teenage hordes.

Buy them here.



We like underdogs. We like BG. And we like Octopus a lot. Born just around the corner from us and with Nate, Chippa, Dion and BG running the show we’ll buy whatever they are selling. This is their latest pad, BG’s signature. Whilst we can’t promise it will have you surfing like BG, or transfer BG’s deep love of the ’90s and it’s musical accompaniment, it’s a fine looking piece of rubber and it’s always good to support the smaller companies. They are us.

Buy it here.



Despite it’s humble positioning from the outside as a small bag, this multi faceted gem from Poler is much, much more. An insulated camera bag. “What’s the point?” the critics heckle. But no, this is fucking genius. Carry your camera, and beers in the same bag and all temperature controlled! With this slung over your shoulder, aspire to be Ansel Adams by day, and Jim Morrison by night.

Buy it here.



We’ve long been fans of Epøkhe —  Kai (he freaking works here), Dion and Mitch’s brand — beautifully transcending the boundaries between the world of high-end premium optics and the world of surf. Enter their latest masterpiece: the Isay. Released a week ago and available in two colors, we prefer to clad our faces in the featured polished tortoise Italian acetate. Carrying you from the streets of Costa Mesa to Milan in one simple purchase.

Buy them here.



Understated and classic, Dion’s signature kicks from Globe have long been worn by many in the office. Here featured in their latest canvas incarnation, all white and sparkly for your walking pleasure. Our advice is to save them for those sunnier days over this festive season, try and keep them white for the first few days, fail, and trash them shortly afterwards.

Buy them here.


WKND Skateboards

Austyn has been a long time friend and inspiration for us, and we present his signature board courtesy of the good crew at WKND. Subtle, slightly parched, but also kinda sexy (just like the man himself) the Austyn pro WKND board exudes class.

Buy it here.



Granted, slapping a childhood photo on a board as it’s graphic isn’t exactly new, this Polar One Off of ’90s Hjalte in some Danish bathhouse is too good to miss.  You know no matter how many times you slam, you’ll be smiling when you see that cheeky face looking back at you.

Buy it here.



I recently wandered Europe and I would not have looked nearly as damn good on the trains and planes I took without this Hex duffel.

Buy it here.


Welcome Skateboards

Again, Welcome uses creative graphics and doubles down with creative shapes. Another board brand we back big time. Really love this Adaptation on Sledgehammer deck for cruising.

Buy it here.

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