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10 Best WY Vids of the Year While we make plans for 2017, let’s see what we did in 2016

We’re all scattered across the globe playing with all our toys and making plans for another big year, and while we do, we wanted to countdown all the fun we had this year, with our 10 favorite vids we made this year. So let’s take a trip down memory lane together:

10. “Good Luck Kanoa”

This one is a little bit selfish, because we had such a good time in Japan. It’s one of the most bizarre and beautiful places and we cannot get enough of the people. And this one is nice and timely after Kanoa’s run at Pipe Masters to end the year.

9. Artist Series: Tommy Chong

We spent one of the most interesting and educational days ever with artist, musician, actor, political figure, comedian and world-renowned pot smoker Tommy Chong for this installment of our Artist Series:

Countdown continues tomorrow. 

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