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10 Best WY Vids of the year Number 3 and 4 on our countdown

what youth everything's wrong but in the right place

4. 4 Cities Ozzie Wright

Where’s the place you spend the majority of your life? Does it make you you? Or do you make it you? We wanted to immerse ourselves in some of our favorite surfers hometowns to see how they blend in or stand out in their communities.

In episode 1 we hunker down with recent transplant from Sydney to Byron Bay, Ozzie Wright. We spent a great day surfing, babysitting, painting, drinking and discussing the finer things in life, like motor bike licenses and “changing poo.”  And living in the beautiful holiday town of Byron Bay in NSW, Australia. Come along.

3. Everything’s Wrong But in the Right Place

In most of our minds it exists as a paradise. A place of cerulean blues and warm yellows and ruler edged waves. Perfect lines and pretty reefs with pretty fish. But sometimes it’s darker than that. Moodier. Twisted. A little creepy. And of all the pretty times we’ve had, it might be these darker, muggier trips that drives us to continuously go back. Define your own paradise. And ours is a little moodier than you’d think.

Last month we boarded a sailboat called the Bintang in the pungent marina of Padang and sailed for the Mentawais with Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Colin Moran, Kai Hing, Luke Hynd and Zak Condon. A six-pack of fresh faces. We returned bloody, scarred, filthy and terribly barreled. Here’s a short vid we made that we think pretty much sums all that up.

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