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The What Youth 2016 Video Slideshow The Velvet Underground take us on the photographic rollercoaster that was 2016

Video: What Youth

Everyone is talking about how 2016 was a son of a bitch. And yeah, it kinda was. We lost a lot of great. Some really really sad, bad, horrible things happened this year, but it wasn’t all bad. And just because 2017 is sitting pretty with no dirt under it’s fingernails yet, fresh out of the shower and ready to go play, let’s not forget the shit fight that 2016 was so quickly. Let’s make sure 2017 knows what it’s in for, because for better or worse, 2016 made us all who we are right this second. Hell, looking back at this year and the emotions it’s made us face are one of the highlights of this rumble. Right now we’re wringing it out into a pint glass that’s starting to look good enough to drink. And yes, we’re going to chug it all tomorrow night at midnight so we never forget it too.

We lost some beautiful souls this year, but at least we had them long enough for them to become beautiful. Above you can check out some of the photographic highlights of our year. Thanks to all the photographers who’ve been featured. Have one on us. We fucking love you and your work.—Travis

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