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Listen to Slowdive’s New Song “Star Roving” is their first new song in 22 years

Yes, we definitely are slowly diving into this New Year, but coming at us fast is a new song by one of our favorites, Slowdive. The song “Star Roving” is their first in 22 years. Last year the band teased us with talks of an upcoming new album. The wait is now over and we finally get a taste of what the Brit stars have been working on the past couple of years.

If you were hoping for the same exact Slowdive that rocket-blasted their way through the ‘90s you may be a little surprised mid-way through the new track when you realize they have changed things up. Caught somewhere between all three previous full length albums, “Star Roving” holds true to the band’s gazey roots, but lifts away the more complicated guitar noise they doused their melodies in in their younger years.

While there is no set date yet for the release of the new album, one thing we can be sure of is that we cannot wait for the dreamy veterans to show the younger ones how it’s done.—Asal Shahindoust 

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