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Listen to Kera & the Lesbians’ New Single And read our interview with the band

what youth recommends kera and the lesbians i'm late

“I wrote this song for you, for me, for us.” Kera Armendariz, lead singer and guitarist of the LA-based band Kera & the Lesbians, is not one to mince words. When she says something, you better believe she means it. So it’s no surprise that her latest single, “I’m Late”, is as deep and meaningful as they come. The track, laid out with a smooth, contagious surf beat by drummer Aaron Sterling, came to Armendariz as she reflected on a lost love. “This was a reminder for myself to never seek validation from anyone because at the end of the day, you only have yourself to live with.”

Kera & the Lesbians begin a mini tour in February, so make sure to catch them live. And in the meantime, check out the new song and read our interview with the self-proclaimed “bipolar folk” band below. –Maya Eslami 


Feb 11   San Francisco   The Chapel w/ Dead Sara

Feb 12   Portland             Rontoms

Feb 13   Arcata                The Greenhouse

Feb 14   Los Angeles       The Satellite w/ Reggie Watts

Feb 17   Davenport          Gas, Seed, and Feed Festival

WHAT YOUTH: Last time we talked, you had just premiered the song “Green”. What’s happened since then? 

KERA AND THE LESBIANS: A lot has happened since our album release and when we last spoke with What Youth! I’d say it was one of the most challenging and difficult years I’ve experienced thus far, but in hindsight I’m very proud of what we were able to create/overcome in those hard times. I took a little break from the band to play bass with a few other projects and tour with them. It was the best decision I’ve ever made because it allowed me to fall back in love with music and remind me why I do it in the first place.

I met Jon Joseph Polluck on the BØRNS tour I went on and asked him to produce some of of the new music I had written, and he agreed. It’s been such an enjoyment getting to work along side him, and think he is doing such a terrific job with the new tunes.

My sound is evolving and I’m just going with what feels right to me and what I would be most proud of. After the election I felt challenged to no longer hold back and only be the strongest performer/artist I can be at a time like this. I have nothing to lose anymore.

Who plays on the new track? And where did you guys record? 

We had such wonderful people involved with this track and during the whole process. We recorded at Jon’s amazing studio in Pasadena. I forget what we added to the track, but we had the legend Aaron Sterling on drums, The Wild Reeds singing backup vocals, Matt La Rocca on lead guitar, Jon Joseph on bass/various other instruments, and myself with guitar/vocals/percussion. I am very very proud of this tune.

How was shooting in the cemetery with David? 

I love David Evanko and anytime spent with him is always an absolute treat. It’s effortless to work with him, and he took my inspiration for the shoot and added his own little twist to it. I love collaborating with him and by far one of my favorite photographers to work with.

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