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LA Witch Needs Our Help Their Gear was Stolen in freezing England

Our favorite legends L.A. Witch know how to live like road dogs. And that’s no easy feat, especially in the dead of winter in Europe. But just three days into their month-long European tour, these babes had their van broken into, and all of their gear stolen. All of it. We heard the news this morning and just couldn’t believe it.

“Our tour van got broken into last night after our show in Bristol, England. The front passenger window and the door were smashed in. We are devastated as it is only the 3rd show of a month long European/UK Tour.”

If you know us, you know how much we love and support L.A. Witch. The band started a GoFundMe page to help deal with this super shitty blow to the heart. So if you’re able to, please help them out. Found a quarter in your couch this week? Or a dollar in the back of those jeans you never wear? Maybe they need it more than you do. Every bit helps. Let’s get em back on track, then we’ll convince em to play for us when their home.

“We’re still a small band and we travel on a very tight budget, and had been hoping to break even on the tour. We love touring and playing music, and we really want to be able to finish out the rest of this tour.”

Donate anything you can to help them get back out there here!

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