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Listen to CFM’s New Single “Rise and Fall,” off upcoming album

what youth recommends cfm rise and fall
Photo: Denee Segall 

CFM, the solo project of Charles Mootheart (of Fuzz and Ty Segall’s band), has a new album dropping April 4th on In the Red. And last week he shared the lead single “Rise and Fall”, a mind melting cascade of swirling guitar riffs and hallucinatory soundscapes. The song, per the press release, is “about the constant battles fought physically and mentally every day and the cyclical battle against the clock, reality and dreams, and our own ego.” Check it out.

Dichotomy Desaturated, CFM’s sophomore album, represents Mootheart’s first attempt at writing and producing a cohesive, intentionally compiled album, and not just another Fuzz reiteration. Though the similarities are there, because let’s face it, we’d all be a little bummed if it didn’t include some face-exploding rock ‘n’ roll, CFM’s new album embraces the softer side of things while maintaining that heavy push. So keep your eyes on this one. Mine are glued. –Maya Eslami 

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