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In the Streets w/ J. Grant Brittain Fact and Arkitip team up to bring you wearable history notes

FACT. & Arkitip have partnered to bring a six part teeshirt capsule collection of 80’s based, street focused skateboard photography from legendary lensman J. Grant Brittain. Check the video above for a bit of history on these incredible shots turned wearable notes.

“We dug into his back catalog and found these iconic images which we think exemplify the power, style and creativity of the scene in that era. Using the images as a canvas, we asked Grant to tell a story in his own words and handwriting, which we applied over each image to complete the design. The finished multi-layered designs are bold, colorful and potent.

The Jim Thiebaud teeshirt marks the launch of the series that will be released throughout the year. The heavyweight teeshirt fabric colors are all custom, 100% produced in Los Angeles.”

And if you’re in L.A. check out the launch event February 22nd from 7:00 – 10:00PM.

“In The Streets” w/ J. Grant Brittain | 346 North Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, California 90019 | Music by Aaron Rose

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