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Watch Froth’s New Video “Sensitive Girl” off upcoming album Outside (briefly)

A music video can say a lot about a band, especially when the band takes creative control and shoots and directs the video themselves. And Froth, our favorites, are no strangers to this concept. For their new single “Sensitive Girl,” off upcoming album Outside (briefly), Froth compiled self-shot super 8 footage of their tour in South Africa and Europe to create an intimate, enjoyable glimpse into life as a road dog. Check it out. 

“We borrowed a friend’s camera,” explains bassist Jeremy Katz, “and bought 4 rolls of day light film, and then remembered that 90% of days on tour are spent in the van, which can be boring for a film. So we tried to have as much fun as we could for the 20 minutes in between getting out of the van and loading in and that’s where most of the footage comes from.” Looks fun to us. We’re sold.

Froth begin touring in support of their highly anticipated album Outside (briefly) tonight in San Francisco. Catch ’em while you can. —Maya Eslami 

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