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Watch Julian Wilson in “Wayward” One of the best surf vids we’ve seen in a long time

I’ve long thought Julian Wilson, on paper, would be a thoroughly complete world champ. He has a bulletproof,¬†textbook style, all the flair (maybe too much flair for judges) that can never seem to figure him out, which explains why I can’t figure out why it hasn’t clicked over for him to win a World Title. Well, if we’re being honest, this edit just put him in the freesurfing title race. Because this is way sicker than winning a heat.

Good music. Fucked up surfing and he brought some friends, including Craig Anderson to Cloudbreak and ripping with Lee Wilson in Bali. Both of which are poetry. Another vid worth watching over and over. And please, please note and rewatch the Big Spin, the alley-oop and backside full rotations. You’ll know them when you see them.

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