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WY Premiere: Distractor Watch their new video for “Falling Down Stairs”

Distractor, according to member Will Sipos, “is a group of friends from Costa Mesa that sometimes seconds as a band.” Their pure synth avalanche of rock ‘n’ roll exudes a very palpable sense of fun, just the way we like things. But that doesn’t mean these dudes shouldn’t be taken seriously. When they’re not seconding as a band, Distractor also makes music videos (Tracy Bryant, Tomorrows Tulips), and were once featured in a Metal Neck movie, “which is pretty cool, too”. 

The Burger Records band is hitting SXSW this year and kicking it all off with a show at the Wayfarer on March 11 (check more dates on their sick flyer). And in prep for all that, we’re premiering their video for “Falling Down Stairs”, the lead single off forthcoming EP Six Foot Moon

“Our singer Ronnie got the idea for the video while home from film school. He says it’s based off the Hollywood greats like Citizen Kane and Temple of Doom, but then again Ronnie says a lot of things.” 

With a budget of a whopping $4.63 (“1 can of gold spray paint”), “Falling Down Stairs” is most definitely up there with the greats. Check it out, and don’t miss these fools live. –Maya Eslami 

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